Tommy T's Play Me Sound Editor

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Tommy T's Play Me Sound Editor
Player - Tommy T's Play Me Sound Editor.png
Creator Stephen Clarke-Wilson, Tommy Tallarico
Released Unreleased
Platform NES

Tommy T's Play Me Sound Editor is a demonstration of Tommy Tallarico's NES sound driver that would later be used in the game Color a Dinosaur (NES). It was programmed by Stephen Clarke-Wilson and Tommy Tallarico. The program isn't a complete sound editor, but it does showcase the driver's ability to modify various aspects of the instruments while music is playing. The demo includes three tunes, Flight of the Bumblebee, Two Tone, and Weird.

While it was never officially released, a development time frame can be inferred around 1992 as it was made prior to was made prior to the release of Color a Dinosaur which occurred in 1993. The original prototype cartridge was found at a swap meet in Orange County California and a ROM has since been made.


The following composers used Tommy T's Play Me Sound Editor:


Version Download Platform
N/A Download - (info) NES