Tom and Jerry: The Movie (SMS)

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Tom and Jerry: The Movie
Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - Europe.jpg
Platform: Master System
Year: 1992
Developer: SIMS Co., Ltd.
This page is for the Sega Master System version. For the Game Gear version, see Tom and Jerry: The Movie (GG).

Tom and Jerry: The Movie is an action game developed by SIMS and published by Sega. In the game, the player plays as Tom, and must chase and capture Jerry throughout six levels. After each level, the player is told that Jerry got away and the player moves on to the next stage.

In each level, Tom, controlled by the player, must chase after Jerry, but the mouse always sends traps, and there are also many obstacles in the way that Tom must climb over or get around. Each level gets progressively harder with faster and more frequent obstacles. Even though the game uses the title of its movie counterpart, the game has nothing to do with the movie, and was most likely named as it was to sell more copies. The prototype version of the game also simply titles the game Tom and Jerry. SIMS released a Game Gear version of the game the following year, with many differences.

The game received criticism for not being based on the movie, in addition to the clunky controls.


Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - The Kitchen.png

The first level: The Kitchen.

Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - Level Clear.png

The stage clear screen.

Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - Downtown.png

The third level: Downtown.

Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - The Mountains.png

The fifth stage: The Mountains.

Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - Continue.png

Tom always continues!


The game has some nice music for a game in 1992, considering the limitations of the PSG of the Sega Master System. Although the music plays slower in the European version because of the PAL format, the music fits each part of the game, and sounds like something that would be heard in the original show. The game's title theme is a heavily arranged version of the Tom and Jerry Theme, suggesting they needed a separate license and did not have it.

The music was written by in-house SIMS composer Yoko Wada, as well as a composer using the pseudonym "P-Ko Chan". They have not been credited in any other game, so it is thought that the alias belongs to one of the other main SIMS audio staff members. Because "P-Ko Chan" isn't credited in the Game Gear version, it is thought that the Master-System-exclusive tracks were written by them, or they may have served as a sound designer or programmer. According to Takashi Horiguchi, the SIMS sound driver required users to enter the music in Music Macro Language.

The song titles were taken from the VGM rip.

The music should also be recorded in NTSC format for the South American version, as well as the fact that the game was developed in Japan, a country that used NTSC. When it is recorded, it should start with a "2".


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
101 Title Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 0:27
102 The Kitchen Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 1:14
103 The Garden Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 0:45
104 Downtown Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 1:25
105 The Forest Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 1:19
106 The Mountains Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 0:41
107 The Baby's Room Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 0:58
108 Credits Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 1:51
109 Level Clear Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 0:12
110 Continue Yoko Wada, P-Ko Chan 0:08



Game Rip




Audio Devices

The game uses the SN76489 of the Sega Master System, and uses the SIMS Sound Driver.


  EU.svg   EU
Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - Europe.jpg
Title: Tom and Jerry: The Movie
Platform: Sega Master System, Master System II
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
  South America.svg   South America
Tom and Jerry The Movie - SMS - South America.jpg
Title: Tom and Jerry: The Movie
Platform: Master System
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: Tec Toy Indústria de Brinquedos Ltda.


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