Tohru Nakabayashi

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Tohru Nakabayashi
Tohru Nakabayashi - 02.jpg
Local 中林 亨 (なかばやし とおる)
Born 1957-12-25
Birth Place Gunma Prefecture, Takasaki, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Master, NAK.

Tohru Nakabayashi (better known as NAK) is a Japanese composer and sound designer best known for his work with Sega, which he was part of from 1986 to 1998. As a result, he's one of Sega's oldest composers along with Hiroshi Kawaguchi and Katsuhiro Hayashi. While at Sega, he primarily composed for their arcade games. In 1976, he graduated Gunma Prefectural Tomioka High School. In 1980, he graduated Chiba Institute of Technology. He is currently a general manager of technology development at FPS.

Some of Nakabayashi's most popular works include Alien Syndrome, Altered Beast, and Golden Axe.

Audio Development

Nakabayashi is known for having a distinctive drum pattern, which Hiroshi Kawaguchi titled Nakabayashi Drums.


For Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, he converted Michael Jackson's compositions into Sega's arcade sound system. Nakabayashi also met Michael Jackson personally when he traveled to North America, per Hiroshi Kubota.


Released Title Sample Notes
1984-??-?? Girl's Garden (SG1) (ガールズガーデン) With Katsuhiro Hayashi.
1985-??-?? Choplifter (ARC) (チョップリフター) With Hiroshi Kawaguchi.
1985-??-?? Doki Doki Penguin Land (SG1) (どきどきペンギンランド)
1986-07-20 Pro Wrestling (SMS) (ダンプ松本)
1986-09-?? Action Fighter (ARC) (アクションファイター)
1986-??-?? Alien Syndrome (ARC) (エイリアンシンドローム)
1987-01-?? Dunk Shot (ARC) (ダンクショット)
1987-03-?? Time Scanner (ARC) (タイムスキャナー)
1987-06-?? Bullet (ARC) (バレット)
1987-??-?? Ghostbusters (SMS)
1987-??-?? M.V.P. (ARC)
1988-08-?? Passing Shot (ARC) (パッシングショット)
1988-10-?? Scramble Spirits (ARC) (スクランブルスピリッツ)
1988-11-27 Altered Beast (GEN) (獣王記) Arranged by Kazuhiko Nagai.
1988-12-02 Alien Syndrome (NES) (エイリアンシンドローム) Arranged by Noboru Machida.
1988-12-?? Alien Syndrome (C64) Arranged by Jeroen Kimmel.
1988-??-?? Alien Syndrome (AMI) Arranged by David Whittaker.
1988-??-?? Alien Syndrome (AST) Arranged by Tahir Rashid.
1988-??-?? Thunder Blade (ARC) (サンダーブレード) With Koichi Namiki.
1988-??-?? Altered Beast (ARC) (獣王記)
1989-02-?? Wrestle War (ARC) (レッスルウォー)
1989-06-?? Altered Beast (SMS) Arranged by Kazuhiko Nagai.
1989-06-?? Golden Axe (ARC) (ゴールデンアックス)
1989-06-?? Jumbo Ozaki no Super Masters (ARC) (尾崎直道のスーパーマスターズ)
1989-07-?? Flash Point (ARC) (フラッシュポイント) With "Y.T"
1989-12-?? Alien Syndrome (DOS) Arranged by Tahir Rashid.
1990-01-?? Bloxeed (ARC) (ブロクシード) With Keisuke Tsukahara.
1990-07-20 Juuouki (FC) (獣王記) Arranged by Kenji Eno and Michiya Hirasawa.
1990-??-?? Cyberball (GEN) (サイバーボール)
1990-??-?? Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (ARC) (マイケル・ジャクソンズ・ムーンウォーカー)
1991-??-?? Hyper Marbles (SMD) (ハイパーマーブル)
1992-03-?? Arabian Fight (ARC) (アラビアンファイト)
1992-??-?? Burning Rival (ARC) (バーニングライバル) Sound programming
1992-??-?? Streets of Rage 2 (GEN) (ベア・ナックルII 死闘への鎮魂歌) Sound Assist
1994-03-14 Virtua Racing (GEN) (バーチャレーシング) Unknown Role
1996-??-?? Sega Super GT (ARC) (スカッドレース) Sound
1997-12-?? Harley Davidson & L.A. Riders (ARC) (ハーレーダビッドソン & L.A. ライダーズ) Sound A&R
1997-??-?? Die Hard Arcade (SAT) Special Thanks

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