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Titus - 01.png
Founded 1980-??-??
Closed 2005-01-09
Headquarters Paris, France
Other Names
  • Titus Software

Titus was a French video game developer founded by brothers Eric and Hervé Caen in 1980. Titus Software is known for their icon character Titus the Fox. They were also responsible for The Blues Brothers series, but are perhaps best known for the game Superman 64, known to be one of the worst games of all time.

In their earlier games, Titus never put credits in their games. Later, they started to put credits in their games whilst using aliases.


Music Development

Commodore 64

Almost every game was outsourced to another developer, who had their own choice. Titus announced more C64 games than they released and even advertised for C64 programming jobs in magazines, however, the C64's biggest markets, Germany and USA, were not Titus' biggest markets.

Game Boy

Most of Titus' Game Boy game credit the audio engine to Elmar Krieger in the ROM.

Game Boy Color

For Hercules and Xena, the composers at Titus used MusyX by Factor 5.

Game Boy Advance

The composers at Titus used Nintendo's MP2K sound driver.


Titus Software's only NES game was The Blues Brothers. Christophe Fevre wrote MIDI files, possibly in Cubase for the Atari ST. The music was then converted to Eric Caen's sound driver.


Rob Stevens programmed the SNES sound driver at Titus. Composers would write their music in MIDI, and Eric Caen would implement the files into the games. The driver was licensed to Infogrames for Asterix and Merit Studios for Sink or Swim.

Audio Personnel