Title Screen Part 1 - Anticipation (NES)

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Title Screen Part 1
Output - NES.svg
Output - NES.svg
Anticipation - NES - Title Screen Part 1.png
Composer David Wise
Arranger David Wise
Programmer Chris Stamper, Mark Betteridge
Released 1988-11-??
Length 0:38 (NTSC) / 0:39 (PAL)
Format NSF.png
Game Anticipation (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

Title Screen Part 1 plays when the first title screen shows up in Anticipation (NES).

In the PAL version, the two title screens are swapped, so this song plays second.

The song was composed and arranged by David Wise in 6502 assembly using hexadecimal numbers for notation into the Rare sound driver programmed by Chris Stamper and Mark Betteridge.

David should be contacted for an official title.