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One of the many attributes stored about songs in the VGMPF is the origin of the title. This is important to people who want to know if there is an official title, and if not, why the unofficial title was chosen. Title origins categories are listed below.

  • Official - Song titles with an official origin are titles that have either been published on an official album or have been verified by the composer or development staff.
  • Game Location - Songs titles with a game location origin are titles that are unofficial, but have been named after a specific location they are played in the game they're from. For example, if the song is played in a dungeon, the title is "Dungeon".
  • Game Title - Song titles that have a game title origin are unofficial titles based on the game they come from. This is either because the game only has a single music track, or because the song is the theme of the game.
  • File Name - Songs titles that have a file name origin are unofficial titles based on the name of their ripped music files. For example, is a ripped track is called "AIRCMBT" then the title is "Air Combat".