Title - Wizball (C64)

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Output - SID.svg
Wizball - C64 - 1.png
Composer Martin Galway
Arranger Martin Galway
Released 1987-??-??
Length 3:27
Format SID.png
Game Wizball (C64)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes
This page is for the Wizball (C64) song, for more titles see Title.

Wizball's Title theme is well-known in the Commodore community. It is one of Martin Galway's full-length tracks. The tune plays during the loading screen, and the initial main menu.

Galway had the following to say about this track:

I was working at the Sensible Software office at the time of the major music creation, but the title screen music never got finished. When I returned to Ocean I got on with some other things, all the time worrying about this unfinished tune. Finally I slapped something on the end of it. I knew I could never top the first part, that's what the problem was. In my mind the second part of the tune is pretty lame compared with the first part. But for some people it represents the mysterious, magical, unconventional aspect of 'Wizball' so it fits in some ways. But you can tell it's not really like the other music in the game, which was primarily developed when I was with the Sensi boys, basking in that Sensi VIBE.
I really worked on the sound design of the voices a lot. The music seems to "flow" and "breathe" unlike anything before it.

The title comes from the Project: Galway album. It is track 4 in the SID file.