Title - Home Alone (NES)

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Home Alone - NES - Title Screen.png
Composer George Sanger
Arranger Randy Linden
Released 1991-10-??
Length 0:25
BPM 112
Format NSF.png
Game Home Alone (NES)

Title is the song that plays on the title screen of Home Alone for the NES.

George Sanger wrote the song on Sonix for the Amiga. The music file was then converted to Randy Linden's sound driver.


The song starts out with Bb diminished chords on what sounds like pizzicato strings. Then the chord shifts to D minor, Eb, then Dm/A. After that, the triangle channel (bass) goes silent while the pizzicato strings go up and down an almost-diminished scale. They then scale up to a D major where the triangle channel enters again, then the song loops.

It plays in the 4/4 time signature at 112 BPM.