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Timber - ARC.jpg
Platform: Arcade
Year: 1984
Developer: Marvin Glass & Associates

Timber is an action game from Midway Games. You play as a logger (that looks very similar to Mario) who must cut down a certain amount of trees within the allotted time or else your boss will fire you. It's not enough just to cut down trees. Some trees will contain pink birds in which collecting them will give you bonus points. There will also be bears who will throw beehives at you in an attempt to expose your logger in his underwear. You can also push trees away from you after you knock them down, but this becomes a problem later in the game when you cut down so many trees, they're all over the place, so you will be tripping over every tree. When you successfully complete a level, you are given a handshake by your boss.

Every few rounds you will be taken to a bonus stage where you must stay on a rolling log until the timer reaches 0. As the timer nears 0, the log gets faster and faster thus you will have to have faster reflexes. If you successfully complete the log roll, you will receive extra bonus points. The player gets a game over after losing three lives, but can gain more by gaining a substantial amount of points.

Timber is also one of the earliest arcade games to feature a mode where 2 players can play simultaneously. The game also made it onto the Midway Arcade Treasures 2 compilation for GameCube, PlayStation 2, and XBox.

Timber was made by a two-man team, programmed by Steve Meyer and the graphics and audio were all done by Scott Morrison.


Timber - ARC - Title Screen.png

The game's title screen.

Timber - ARC - Gameplay 1.png

Cutting down a tree.

Timber - ARC - Gameplay 2.png

Successfully completing a level.

Timber - ARC - Gameplay 3.png

Attempting to stay on a log.

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The soundtrack in Timber has a very short amount of music. The main level tune is a nice little ragtime ditty. The other songs are also nice little tunes to listen to, but like most games, can get repetitive after hours of listening. This was the only game that MGA graphic designer Scott Morrison did the music for. Scott used a Synclavier connected to the arcade machine, which utilized a sound driver by Richard Ditton. Besides the music and sound, Scott drew all of the game's graphics.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Coin Scott Morrison 0:02
02 Game Start Scott Morrison 0:03
03 Main Tune Scott Morrison 0:47
04 Roll Tune Scott Morrison 0:42
05 Victory Tune Scott Morrison 0:04
06 Game End Scott Morrison 0:04

(Song Titles)

The game's service mode features a sound test which gives the official names of the songs.


(Source: Verification from composer; Game may or may not contain credits.)

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According to Scott, most of MGA's arcade games had a hidden credits screen by entering a certain code at the title screen. However, it is not known what the code for Timber is or if there is one. There is also no ROM text in the ROM files like the other MGA games. Scott said that Bally Midway did not allow game credits.

Game Rip

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At this time, there is no rip for Timber. The game's music was recorded in BridgeM1.

Audio Devices

Timber uses two AY-3-8910 chips running at 2 MHz.


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Timber - ARC.jpg
Title: Timber
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1984-??-??
Publisher: Bally Midway