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Thomas Laurits Vedel Mogensen
Thomas Mogensen.jpg
Gender Male
Born 1975-11-20
Birth Place Hobro, Denmark
Nationality Danish   Denmark.svg
Aliases DRAX
Thomy 'DRAX' Mogensen

Thomas Mogensen is a composer and tracker artist from Denmark. Starting out with making music on the Commodore 64 in 1988, he has composed about 1000 tunes on the system alone. In addition, he has also written music for several other computer formats, including a fairly large collection produced using Fasttracker II.

Mogensen got into computers and computer music through his older brother: He had a VIC 20, a Commodore 16, a Commodore 64, and made music in Soundmonitor. Thomas Mogensen first created the instruments for his brother's songs, then composed his own songs, earning him an invitation to his first demogroup, Bones. Later, Jens-Christian Huus, already a popular C64 musician, wanted to get to know Mogensen. Right on their first phonecall, they talked for two hours. At a party in late June 1989, Huus and Klaus Grøngaard showed him JCH's Music-Editor which Mogensen uses to this day. Soon after, Huus and Grøngaard founded a music group, Vibrants, and invited Mogensen, getting his music onto a few games.

Eventually, he expanded his connections to several other groups, including Amok, Bonzai, Conic, Crest, NATO, Noise, The Pulse Magazine Staff, Unitech Designs and Virtual Reality, of which he is currently only associated with Crest and Vibrants. In 1996, Jeroen Tel invited Mogensen into his own group, Maniacs of Noise, which is also devoted to provide music and sound effects for video games.

From 1996 to 1997, Mogensen studied math, but switched to psychology in 1998 and still works as a psychologist.

Audio Development

Commodore 64

Mogensen arranges music using JCH's Music-Editor.


Mogensen arranged using EdLib, also by Huus.

Game Boy Color

On Magical Drop, Mogensen used QuickThunder sound driver by Michael Delaney.

For rest of his works, he used Fasttracker II and converted his XM files to MPlay-2 sound driver by Thomas Petersen.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-??-?? Exorcist (C64)
1990-??-?? Jail War (C64)
1991-0?-?? Jagten på Bubbers Badekar (C64)
1991-0?-?? American 3D Pool (C64) Miscredited to Sonic Graffiti.
1991-0?-?? Square Out (C64) Main music.
1991-1?-?? Nibbly 92 (C64) Uses Ballfever Music V1.0.
1991-12-1? CoverGirl Strip Poker (C64)
With Thomas Bendt.
1992-0?-?? Harald Hårdtand: Kampen om de rene tænder (AMI) Composer.
1992-0?-?? Harald Hårdtand: Kampen om de rene tænder (C64)
1992-0?-?? Harald Hårdtand: Kampen om de rene tænder (DOS) Original Music.
1992-08-14 Moons (C64) Uses Ballfever Music V3.0.
1993-10-22 Hermetic (C64) With Jens-Christian Huus.
1993-0?-?? Tamer (C64)
1993-12-15 Ballfever (C64) Uses Ballfever Music V3.0.
1994-0?-?? Snake Attack! (C64) With Klaus Grøngaard.
1994-07-?? Cosmox (C64) Game Over - Ballfever Music V1.0 arranged by Karl Sommer.
1994-??-?? The Birds (C64)
1994-1?-?? Motley Tetris (C64) Uses Ballfever Music V2.0.
1994-12-?? Speed Runner (C64)
1994-??-?? Captain Cactus (C64)
1994-??-?? Lollypop (DOS) With Torben Hansen.
1995-0?-?? Lollypop (AMI) With Torben Hansen. Arranged by Jesper Olsen.
1995-??-?? Saper (C64)
1999-04-?? Logical (GBC)
2000-01-26 X: Beyond the Frontier (W32) Additional Music.
2000-06-01 X-Tension (W32) Additional Music.
2000-06-30 KRTL: Jay und die Spielzeugdiebe (GBC)
2000-07-04 The Land Before Time (GBC)
2000-10-18 Magical Drop (GBC)
2000-11-13 Micro Machines V3 (GBC) Unused Music.
2001-03-09 Puzzled (GBC)
2001-??-?? Zdeba Puzzle (C64)
2002-03-21 Bear in the Big Blue House (GBC)
2004-11-15 BreakQuest (W32)
2008-0?-?? Sub Hunter (C64)
2013-??-?? Linus vs Simon (C64)

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