Thinkin' Things Collection 2 (MAC)

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Thinkin' Things Collection 2
Thinkin' Things 2.jpg
Platform: Macintosh, Windows 16
Year: 1993
Developer: Edmark
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Thiknin' Things Collection 2 is the 2nd installment of the Thinkin' Things series by EdMark. The mode has 5 games:

  1. Tooney Loon plays a toon - Toony-Loon plays familiar songs on his xylophone.
  1. Ranga band, Repeat the rhythm and which line his band played.
  1. Frippletration - Match up game. Match what you see or hear. It can be 1 or 2 players.
  1. Snake on the Block - Shape pattern snake would crawl over the picture.
  1. Rotating Picture Shape - A 3D Rotating Picture Shape would bounce on the art.

BGM for Snake on the Block and Rotating Picture Shape

  1. Circus Clown theme
  1. Mansion theme
  1. Globe theme
  1. Checker board theme (sounds similar to Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited)
  1. Radar scope theme
  1. Circus clown theme (low tone)
  1. Jungle Gym theme
  1. Happy Birthday theme
  1. Roller Coaster theme / Police chase theme
  1. Water slide theme / Hi-Fi Stereo theme
  1. Skiing theme
  1. The Ladder theme
  1. The city theme
  1. Laundry theme
  1. Stack of Cans theme
  1. Unused tune 1
  1. Unused tune 2
  1. Bio Scope theme
  1. Colorful Latterns theme
  1. UFO theme
  1. Sunrise and Sunset/Moonrise and Moonset theme
  1. Fripple on Trampoline theme
  1. Boat theme
  1. Ballerina Ice Skate theme (Sontana in C by Wolfgang A. Mozart)
  1. Can you make this? theme