Thinkin' Things Collection 1 (MAC)

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Thinkin' Things Collection 1
Thinkin Things.jpg
Platform: Macintosh, Windows 16
Year: 1993
Developer: Edmark
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Thinkin' Things Collection 1 is the 1st installment of the Thinkin' Things educational series by Edmark. It has 6 games: Ranga's Rhythm, Toony-Loon, Feather Friend, The Fripple Shop, Flying Shapes and The Flying Spheres. The BGM was used in the The Flying Spheres mode.

The Flying Spheres Music

These are the background music used in The Flying Spheres game mode. BGM 1 BGM 2 BGM 3 BGM 4 BGM 5 BGM 6 BGM 7 BGM 8 BGM 9 BGM 10 BGM 11 BGM 12 BGM 13 BGM 14