Theme - Ninja Scooter Simulator (C64)

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Output - SID.svg
Ninja Scooter Simulator - C64 - Rad.png
Composer Jason Brooke
Arranger Jason Brooke
Programmer Jason Brooke
Released 1988-0?-??
Length 1:35.76
BPM 150
Format SID.png
Game Ninja Scooter Simulator (C64)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Theme starts every time you enter the main menu (but not a new high score, which is on the same screen). It stops if you choose FX ONLY and level 1 appears.

The game has no credits at all, but the driver is recognized as Jason Brooke's, prompting a former HVSC administrator to ask Brooke for confirmation:

Yes I wrote it @ Binary Design.
I was in a separate room with the artists.
I remember spontaneously all rolling office chairs into a circle & kicking our legs Russian-dance style to the tune.
How it landed in that game?🤷‍♂️
Maybe it was after I left Binary in '87?
-hence those SFX!

The driver is a later version of the one in Andy Capp (C64), on which Brooke is already credited as Binary's competitor Musicon Design. As usual, that driver is tuned at 424 Hz.

Theme was recorded from a real PAL C64C with an 8580 R5 4091, but sounds the same on every SID chip.


In the beginning and end, a flute is played by a triangle wave, and gongs by a triangle wave ring modulated by the bass's low pitch.

The bass and main section are more rock-flavored. On channel 3, arpeggiated chords and sweeping-down snare drums are played by a 25% pulse wave.

Channel 2 starts off with white noise drums and 4 steely notes: 3 on pulse wave, and the 4th on a quieter triangle wave.

After 2 loops, it switches to a trilling melody, which changes key signature so much that some people perceived it as out of tune. This section sounds a bit circus-like.

After 2 more loops, the song transposes 2 semitones down, and channel 3 one octave up again.

All instruments except for gongs have a slight vibrato.