The Yukon Trail (W16)

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The Yukon Trail
Yukon Trail - W16 - USA.jpg
Platform: Windows 16
Year: 1994
Developer: MECC
Buy: Amazon

The Yukon Trail follows the same recipe seen in The Oregon Trail, but instead of pioneering to Oregon, you trek up the Pacific coast of Canada, through Alaska, and into Yukon Territory to mine for gold. The setting is the late 1800s during the Klondike Gold Rush and you begin in Seattle, WA. The game is a relatively slow moving simulation/puzzle hybrid with a few action elements thrown in. There are several factors involved in making it to Yukon Territory safely and finding gold including, planning, knowledge of history, and, of course, luck. The game uses a simple point-and-click interface for all of the menus and exploration; even the action elements can be totally controlled with the mouse. This makes the game simple to learn, but too basic for experience gamers. Because the game was designed with 16-bit Windows in mind, it forces a 640x480 resolution at 16 colors (or 256 colors if you had a SVGA card). Like other history games, The Yukon Trail incorporates several facts about the location and time period involved.


Yukon Trail - W16 - Title.png

Title screen.

Yukon Trail - W16 - Seattle Warf.png

You start your journey in Seattle.

Yukon Trail - W16 - First Journal Entry.png

The auto journal keeps track of your story.

Yukon Trail - W16 - Partners.png

Interviewing potential partners.

Yukon Trail - W16 - Sailing All's Well.png

Taking a ship up the coast of the Pacific.

Yukon Trail - W16 - Information.png

Learning about the trail to the Yukon.


The Yukon Trail uses several old fashioned ragtime songs with heavy use of piano, harmonica, and banjo. None of the original artists were credited in the game since their music is now in the public domain, but the MIDI tags contained partial titles for some of the songs. Since the music in the game actually dates near the time of the Klondike Gold Rush, it is perfectly suited to the game.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 First Journal Entry Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 2:49
02 Mandy's Broadway Stroll Thomas BroadyJim Donofrio 2:09
03 Sailing - All's Well Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 1:01
04 Sailing - Concerned Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 0:58
05 Sailing - Bleak Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 0:59
06 Mississippi Rag William KrellJim Donofrio 1:41
07 Eli Green's Cakewalk David Reed, Sadie KoninskyJim Donofrio 1:53
08 Harlem Rag Two Step Tom TurpinJim Donofrio 1:41
09 At a Georgia Camp Meeting Kerry MillsJim Donofrio 1:38
10 Hiking - All's Well Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 0:53
11 Hiking - Concerned Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 1:14
12 Hiking - Bleak Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 1:02
13 Camptown Races Stephen FosterJim Donofrio 1:31
14 Dog Race Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 1:05
15 The Pride of Bucktown Robert RobertsJim Donofrio 1:25
16 The Glendy Burk Stephen FosterJim Donofrio 1:51
17 Raft - All's Well Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 1:04
18 Raft - Concerned Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 1:07
19 Raft - Bleak Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 1:11
20 My Ragtime Baby Fred StoneJim Donofrio 2:02
21 There Is a Tavern In Town AnonymousJim Donofrio 1:34
22 Mining Jim DonofrioJim Donofrio 1:26



Game Rip






The music from The Yukon Trail is located in the root install path. It's in type 1 MIDI format. It was recorded using the MIDI plugin from Winamp 5. The track order comes from the ripped order. Most of the titles come from the original song names except: the Title song, the three Sailing songs, the three Hiking songs, the Dog Race song, the three Rafting songs, and the Mining song. These may be arrangements of classic songs like the rest of the tunes, or they may be originals composed by Jim Donofrio.

Audio Devices

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  USA.svg   USA
Yukon Trail - W16 - USA.jpg
Title: The Yukon Trail
Platform: Windows 16
Released: 1994-1?-??
Publisher: MECC