The Mississippi Rag

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The Mississippi Rag
Composer William Krell
Released 1897-01-27

The Mississippi Rag is an early example of two-step ragtime that was partially responsible for the popularity of ragtime music in the early 1900s. It was composed in 1897 by William Krell. The song's structure is in the form of a patrol march, and some critics consider it a cakewalk.


The Yukon Trail (W16)

Platform - W16.png
The Yukon Trail (W16)
Output - MIDI.svg
Yukon Trail - W16 - Skagway.png
Arranger Jim Donofrio
Released 1994-??-??
Length 1:42.23
Format MIDI

Mississippi Rag plays while you're in the city of Skagway preparing to venture further north.

The original file is named 6000.MID.

Sheet Music