The Mambo Snake Gonna Eat You, Boy!

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The Mambo Snake Gonna Eat You, Boy!
Output - OPL2.svg
Commander Keen 6 - DOS - First Dome of Darkness.png
Composer Bobby Prince
Arranger Bobby Prince
Programmer Jason Blochowiak
Released 1991-11-??
Length 0:49.26
Format IMF.png
Game Commander Keen VI: Aliens Ate My Babysitter! (DOS)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

The Mambo Snake Gonna Eat You, Boy! was composed using Sequencer Plus Gold and was written from the ground up for the Sound Blaster FM synthesizer. The song is played in the First Dome of Darkness, the Second Dome of Darkness, and the Bloogdome.

Bobby Prince also released an upgraded MIDI version of this song. He recalls some of the background for the song:

This is one of the first songs I wrote for "Commander Keen." Since it was written for the FM synth and there was little room for music data in the game, it had to be short. As you can tell, it is very short.

Why does it sound so empty? Well, I couldn't have more than nine notes playing at any one time in the song, and the percussion takes up most of those. The horn part that plays short chords every once in a while was put in spaces where fewer than seven notes were playing. The FM version sounded surprisingly good even though this song is mostly percussion. The General MIDI version shows the limitations that had to be met when computer games first started supporting music.

The official title was verified by Bobby Prince.