The Hero's March

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The Hero's March
Output - NES.svg
Last Starfighter - NES - Title Screen.png
Composer Craig Safan
Arranger Rich Shemaria
Released 1990-06-??
Length 1:42
Format NSF.png
Game The Last Starfighter (NES)

The Hero's March is the theme song used in the movie The Last Starfighter. It was composed by Craig Safan, and the NES version uses the song in the game.

The song was arranged for The Last Starfighter (NES) by Rich Shemaria. According to Rich, he had to learn the song by ear, in which he wrote his arrangements on sheet music. He then wrote numerical values underneath the notes, which were the values for the note pitch and length for Nick Eastridge's NES sound driver. He then gave this sheet music to Nick, who was easily able to implement the song into the game, due to Rich adding the numerical values.