The Great Giana Sisters

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The Great Giana Sisters
Founded 1987-??-??
Last Release 2009-04-03

The Great Giana Sisters was one of the first platform action games for home computers. It was commissioned by the founder of Rainbow Arts, Marc Alexander Ullrich, after he saw Super Mario Bros. (NES), then recently released in Europe. Manfred Trenz was put in charge of level and graphics design.

The game was briefly sold, and it was believed that Nintendo sued. Decades later, C64 programmer Armin Gessert and composer Chris Hülsbeck suggested that Nintendo were merely put off by the UK publisher's comparative ad ("Move over BROTHERS!!!"), expressed their concern in a letter, and Ullrich, lacking experience at the time, took it off the market to play it safe.

The ZX Spectrum version was only available to reviewers and reported to have catchy tunes and atmospheric sound effects on the 128K.

Rainbow Arts produced a sequel that initially was to reprise the Giana character and be named The Great Giana Sisters II - Arthur and Martha in Future World. The character was ultimately replaced by robots, all people were credited under aliases, and the game was published by another company as Hard 'n' Heavy.


The Great Giana Sisters

Hard 'n' Heavy

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The Great Giana Sisters
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Notable Personnel Chris Hülsbeck • Jochen Hippel • Fabian Del Priore
Notable Companies Rainbow Arts