The Color Wizard (DOS)

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The Color Wizard
Platform: DOS
Year: 1994
Developer: ImagiSoft, Inc.

The Color Wizard is a coloring game for kids. It is quite powerful, as you can generate horizontal and vertical dithered gradients by dragging'n'dropping over the palette, freely draw single colors, and lighten and darken spots; in fact, every single picture comes with a tutorial which shows how to use these features to create atmosphere and perspective, and, as a bonus, with a text about/of the depicted animal/story.


The Color Wizard - DOS - Title.png

Looks less than thrilled, the boy.

The Color Wizard - DOS - Books.png

One of the few screens where you can use the keyboard.

The Color Wizard - DOS - Pictures.png

Species, chapter, fable, you name it.

The Color Wizard - DOS - Start.png

Where do I start?

The Color Wizard - DOS - Artist.png

Hi, Lance!

The Color Wizard - DOS - Gallery.png

Your saved pictures. Or the artists' ones...


The program features 2 company jingles and 3 different playful themes. Nothing loops; after a theme ends, another is played at random.

Every button clicked is read by a female voice, producing a rather annoying delay. Version 1.2 has an option to turn the sound off, read by another woman. The German release of Version 1.0 uses no voices.

The Windows 16 version has completely different MIDI music by Karsten Koch.


All songs were recorded from a Pentium 60 MHz with a Sound Blaster 16 CT1740. The titles are based on their filenames.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 ImagiSoft Robert Allen 0:04
02 Theme 0 Robert Allen 2:18
03 Theme 1 Robert Allen 2:24
04 Theme 2 Robert Allen 2:10
05 Catalog Ad Robert Allen 0:05



Game Rip



MID.png VOC.png



The filenames and files were manually extracted from WIZARD.ML of Version 1.2 from 1995.

In Version 1.0, B_12_0.VOC does not exist and B_13_0.VOC takes its name.

Audio Devices


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  World.svg   World
Title: The Color Wizard
Platform: DOS
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: ImagiSoft, Inc.


The Color Wizard
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Notable Songs
Notable Personnel Robert Allen
Notable Companies ImagiSoft