Tetris: Atari (ARC)

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Tetris Atari - ARC - Flyer.jpg
Platform: Arcade
Year: 1989
Developer: Atari Games
This is for the Atari arcade version. For the Sega version, see Tetris: Sega (ARC), for other releases see Tetris.

Tetris is a puzzle game by Alexey Pajitnov. The player takes a series of pieces containing four segments and must strategically place them into the playing field. When the player fills an entire row with blocks, this creates a Line, and the goal of the game is to get as many as possible.

The game was ported to every platform under the sun, and the arcade is no exception. However, Atari's arcade version was probably the first arcade version.

Atari's version of Tetris would serve as the basis for their NES version of the game.


Tetris Atari - ARC - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Tetris Atari - ARC - Bradinsky.png

The goal of the second round is to clear 10 lines.

Tetris Atari - ARC - You Did It.png

Stage Clear.

Tetris Atari - ARC - Hopak (Round 6).png

A Russian dancer dancing for your success.

Tetris Atari - ARC - Game Over.png

Game Over.

Tetris Atari - ARC - Great Score.png

Entering initials on the high scores.


Tetris has a great soundtrack composed and arranged by Atari's then-lead sound designer, Brad Fuller. Many of the songs are Russian-themed, which fits with the overall style of the game. Even the traditional Russian songs Karinka and Troika make an appearance. The only real drawback is the limited PSG capabilities of the POKEY chip, preventing the music from being a higher quality. This is interesting, as this game was released after the YM2151 was added to Atari's arcade games, but was probably done to reduce production costs. Karinka and Troika would later be used in Bullet-Proof Software versions of Tetris, and are based on this game's arrangement. According to an interview with Fuller, he stated that his goal was to compose music that sounded like traditional Russian folk music.

Brad wrote the music in Music Macro Language using the RPM sound driver. According to Fuller, Loginska was named after the game's programmer, Ed Logg, and the song Bradinsky was named after himself.

Most of the game's soundtrack would later be used in the NES version. While Loginska, Bradinsky, Karinka, and Troika do not have names in the arcade soundtrack, the NES version gives them names. The track Hopak plays during the game's attract mode, and was later used in the NES version as the title screen music.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Loginska Brad FullerBrad Fuller 3:28
02 You Did It Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:03
03 Bradinsky Brad FullerBrad Fuller 2:28
04 Hopak (Round 3) Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:10
05 Karinka Ivan LarionovBrad Fuller 0:53
06 Hopak (Round 6) Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:10
07 Troika TraditionalBrad Fuller 2:22
08 Hopak (Round 9) Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:15
09 You Did It (Complete) Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:02
10 Game Over Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:02
11 Great Score Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:06
12 Hopak Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:18
13 Pokey Brad FullerBrad Fuller 0:16



The credits can be viewed after waiting through the demos. Rusty Dawe, who programmed RPM, is listed under the Special Thanks staff.

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Tetris Atari - ARC - Flyer.jpg
Title: Tetris
Platform: ARC
Released: 1989-02-??
Publisher: Atari Games