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The Infobox SubSong template has several parameters, many of which are optional. If the song has been released on multiple games, the Song page should have a Games section which will house the information that applies to each individual version of the song.

Parameter Required Description
Platform Yes The platform code for the game this song is played in.
Game Yes The game page of the game this song is played in.
Recording No Adds a player for the song which includes an icon for the output type. Use the Recording template.
Image No The file name of the picture which best represents where this song is played. Example: "example.png" If you need to show multiple images, use Template:SongScreenshot.
Arranger No The person who arranged the song for the videogame. Use the Arranger template. Separate multiple arrangers with commas.
Programmer No The person who wrote the audio driver the song uses. Separate multiple programmers with commas, and make each a link.
Released Yes The date on which this version of the song was released.
Length No Length of a single loop of the song rounded to the hundredth decimal place. If the song is 1:03.92835 seconds long, round it to 1:03.93. Unlike the length on the game page, this length should NOT include multiple loops or the fade out.
BPM No The song's tempo in the number of beats per minute.
Format No The original audio formats this song is encoded to in the game. If the original is not known, use the format it has been logged to.
Loops No Whether the song loops in the game. Values may include: Yes, No, or Sometimes.
[[Image:Platform - {{{Platform}}}.png|32x32px]]
Released {{{Released}}}


Platform - C64.png
Ultima V: Warriors of Virtue (C64)
Output - SID.svg
Arranger Ken Arnold
Released 1988-??-??
Length 2:30.38
Format SID
Loops Yes