Takayuki Hirono

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Takayuki Hirono
Takayuki hirono.jpg
Local 広野 隆行 (ひろの たかゆき)
Born 1960?
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases T. Hirono
Jemini Hirono
ジェミニ ひろの (Gemini Hirono)

Takayuki Hirono was a Japanese programmer who worked at Compile. While he never composed any music for them, he still played a significant role in their audio development, programming the sound drivers for many of the consoles and computers the company developed for, such as the Game Gear, MSX, SMS, and NES.

He is known mainly by his alias Jemini Hirono, which may imply that his star sign is Gemini.


Released Title Sample Notes
1985-??-?? Lunar Ball (MSX2) (ルナーボール) Sound Program
1985-12-05 Lunar Pool (NES)
Sound Driver
1986-??-?? Gulkave (SM3) (ガルケーブ) Sound Program
1986-11-28 Zanac AI (FDS) Sound Driver
1987-03-14 City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle (FC) (シティ・アドベンチャー・タッチ ミステリー・オブ・トライアングル) Sound Driver
1987-10-?? Zanac (NES) Sound Driver
1987-10-30 Romancia (FC) (ロマンシア) Sound Driver
1988-02-05 The Guardian Legend (NES) (ガーディック外伝) Sound Program
1988-02-29 Power Strike (SMS) (Aleste) Sound Program
1988-08-03 Tombs & Treasure (NES) (太陽の神殿) Sound Driver
1988-12-09 Godzilla (NES) (ゴジラ) Sound Driver
1989-11-10 Super Spike V'Ball (NES) (U.S. Championship V'Ball) Music Programmer
1990-10-05 Gun.Nac (NES) (ガンナック) Sound Driver
1991-04-12 Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen (FC) (ゴルビーのパイプライン大作戦) Sound Driver
1991-10-25 Puyo Puyo (FDS) (ぷよぷよ) Sound Driver
1992-12-18 Puyo Puyo (SMD) Sound Driver
1993-07-23 Nazo Puyo (GG) (なぞぷよ) Sound Program
1993-07-23 Puyo Puyo (FC) Sound Driver
Unknown Radac: Tailor-Made (FC) Sound Driver

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