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Creator A.U.D.I.O.S.-Entertainment
Released 1989-0?-??
Platform Amiga
For the Commodore 64 version, see TFMX Editor.

TFMX-Editor is a music editor for the Commodore Amiga. It is the official editor for Chris Hülsbeck's TFMX and was programmed by his schoolfriend Peter Thierolf, with Hülsbeck himself making the graphics.

Unfortunately, they had bad luck with publishing. In 1989, Hülsbeck's employer Rainbow Arts was not yet interested in tools, so they sold it to Demonware. Hülsbeck then tried to patent TFMX, but had to learn that patenting after publishing is impossible (in Europe). He also announced a professional version for autumn 1990, but due to Demonware cheating them, he could share updates in private only. The latest version was V3.0.


The following composers used TFMX-Editor: