Synergistic Software

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Synergistic Software
Synergistic Software - 05.png
Founded ca. 1978
Closed February 22, 1999
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, USA
Other Names Northwest Synergistic Software

Synergistic Software was founded in 1978 in Seattle, Washington by Robert and Ann Dickens Clardy. The company developed games for a variety of platforms, but was known for their successful Apple II titles. The company also created software like a word processor and database program. In the 1990s, the company predominantly developed games for the IBM PC.

The company was acquired by Sierra Entertainment in 1996, and the company closed its doors on February 22, 1999.


Audio Development

Apple II

Robert Clardy programmed the audio in 6502 assembly language.


Synergistic used the Midpak sound system.


Synergistic used GEMS.


Synergistic used various versions of Sculptured Software's BMus sound driver.

Audio Personnel

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