Swinging the Alphabet

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Swinging the Alphabet
Composer Charlie Chase
Released c. 1938
Title Origin Official

Swinging the Alphabet is a song sung by the Three Stooges in the 1938 short, Violent is a word for Curley. Learning the vowels A, E, I, O, and U to the female students.


The Three Stooges (A2GS)

Platform - A2GS.png
The Three Stooges (A2GS)
Output - DOC.svg
The Three Stooges Trivia Quiz.png
Arranger David Thiel
Released 1988-04-??
Length 0:29
Format MOD

The song was used as the theme to the trivia quiz mini game.

The Three Stooges (NES)

Platform - NES.png
The Three Stooges (NES)
Output - NES.svg
The Three Stooges NES Trivia.png
Arranger Gavan Anderson
Released 1989-10-??
Length 0:35
Format NSF

The song was used as the theme of the trivia quiz mini game.


Moe: B A Bay, B E Bee, B I Bicky Bi B O Bo, Bicky Bi bo B U Bu Bicky Bi Bo Bu.
Larry and Curley joins in: C A Cay. C E Cee, C I Cicky Ci C O Co, Cicky Ci co C U Cu Cicky Ci Co Cu.
Students: D A Day, D E Dee, D I Dicky D O Do, Dicky Di  do D U Du Dicky Di Do Du.
F A Fay, F E Fee, F I Ficky Fi F O Fo Ficky Fi Fo F U Fu Ficky Fi Fo Fu
H A Hay, H E Hee, H I Hicky Hi H O Ho Hicky Hi Ho H U Hu Hicky Hi Ho Hu
J A Jay, J E Jee, J I Jicky Ji J O Jo Jicky Ji Jo J U Ju Jicky Ji Jo Ju.
Curley: K A Kay, K E Kee, K I Kicky Ki K O Ko Kicky Ki Ko K U Ku kicky Ki Ko Ku.
L A Lay, LE Lee, LI Licky L O Lo, Licky Li Lo, LU Lu...
Students: ...Curley's a dope! M A May, M E Mee, M I Micky Mi M O Mo Micky Mi Mo Mu Micky Mi Mo Mu.