Super Trolley

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Super Trolley
Founded 1988-0?-??
Last Release 1988-??-??

Super Trolley is an 8-bit computer game where you fulfill tasks in a supermarket. It was designed by 8-year-old Andrew Collett after visiting a real supermarket. He sent a letter to "Jim'll Fix It", a British TV show that fulfilled children's wishes. The host approached video game publisher Mastertronic, who in turn approached developer Icon Design. The host, posthumously disgraced Jimmy Savile, is also caricatured on the box.

None of the ports has audio credits, but all drivers are by Jason Brooke, the co-director of the developer's sister company Musicon Design. CPC-POWER therefore already claims he scored the CPC version, HVSC guesses the same for the C64 version (hence the question mark behind his name in the SID rip), and both songs match his style. It still should be confirmed with Jason Brooke himself.


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Super Trolley
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Notable Personnel Jason Brooke
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