Super Shougi

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Super Shougi
Super Shougi.png
Founded 1992-06-19
Last Release 1995-12-29

Super Shougi was a short-lived series of shogi simulation games release in Japan for the Super Famicom by I'Max. Each game in the series featured the Sharaku portrait of Otani Oniji III playing Shogi.

The series had a "sister" series, Super Mahjong.


Notable Songs

Notable Audio Personnel

Notable Companies


Super Shougi
Super Shougi Platform - SFC.png
Super Shougi 2 Platform - SFC.png
Super Shougi 3: Kitaihei Platform - SFC.png
Notable Songs I'Max Logo
Notable Personnel Novko Hasebe • Toshiyuki Takine • Betop
Notable Companies Home Data • Magical Company • Gaibrain • I'Max