Super Noah's Ark 3D (DOS)

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Super Noah's Ark 3D
Platform: DOS
Year: 1995
Developer: Wisdom Tree, Inc.
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Super Noah's Ark 3D, also called Super 3-D Noah's Ark, is a first-person shooter that utilizes the Wolfenstein 3D (DOS) engine. However, instead of saving the world from Nazis in an underground bunker, you're trying to feed a bunch angry animals on the ark.

Various feeding tools are collected through the game, and grain is fired at them. If they eat enough grain they will fall asleep. There is a big boss animal at the end of each episode. To claim that the game is educational, you will occasionally encounter trivia questions about the biblical story.

Most of the game uses brown wood paneling making it visually dull, the levels often feature tedious mazes, the more powerful weapons cover the screen making it hard to see enemies, though the textured floors and ceilings and overview map are nice additions to the engine. Of course, by the time this game hit shelves, Quake (DOS) was out.

While there is speculation that the Wolfenstein 3D engine was given to Wisdom Tree by id Software as revenge for what the Nintendo censors did to Wolfenstein 3D (SNES), Wisdom Tree was actually a properly licensed buyer of id's technology. Originally, Wisdom Tree set out to develop a Super Nintendo adaptation of Clive Barker's Hellraiser. The game would be a first-person shooter, and the cartridges were to be expanded with technology to make the game run better than other SNES games. However, when the cartridges proved to be too expensive for the company to afford, they decided to make a game based on the Bible instead.


Super Noah's Ark 3D - DOS - 1.png

The title screen

Super Noah's Ark 3D - DOS - 2.png

The main menu

Super Noah's Ark 3D - DOS - 3.png

Choosing an episode

Super Noah's Ark 3D - DOS - 4.png

Putting some sheep to bed!

Super Noah's Ark 3D - DOS - 5.png

A trivia question

Super Noah's Ark 3D - DOS - 6.png

The wonderful overhead map


The game's music is far from ground-breaking, but it does feature a wide variety of instruments and genres keeping it interesting throughout the game. While the game lacks credits, an interview with Vance Kozik confirms that he composed the music.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title Vance Kozik 1:02
02 Menu Vance Kozik 1:46
03 Level Music 1 Vance Kozik 1:20
04 Level Music 2 Vance Kozik 2:05
05 Level Completed Vance Kozik 1:38
06 Level Music 4 Vance Kozik 1:46
07 Level Music 5 Vance Kozik 2:05
08 Level Music 6 Vance Kozik 0:44
09 Boss Stages Vance Kozik 1:46
10 Bonus Stages Vance Kozik 1:31
11 High Scores Vance Kozik 1:29


(Source: Interview with Vance Kozik; game lacks credits.)

Game Rip





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The type-0 MIDI files were ripped from the AudioHed.N3D and AudioT.N3D files using Adam Biser's Wolf Data Compiler. They were recorded using Winamp's MIDI plugin v3.17. Unlike all other games that use the Wolfenstein engine but Rise of the Triad: Dark War (DOS), Super Noah's Ark 3D does not use IMF music. Instead, the developers added their own code to play general MIDI through AdLib. Because of this, the sound of the recording isn't 100% accurate, and should be updated when a suitable AdLib MIDI rendering is made.

The titles of the music is based on when you hear them in the game, and the track order is based on the order you'll hear the background music.

Audio Devices


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Title: Super Noah's Ark 3D
Platform: DOS
Released: 1995-??-??
Publisher: Wisdom Tree, Inc.