Super Mahjong (SFC)

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Super Mahjong
Super Mahjong - SFC - Japan.jpg
Platform: SFC
Year: 1992
Developer: Home Data
For other games in the series, see Super Mahjong.

Super Mahjong is a mahjong simulation game developed by Home Data and published by I'Max. It can be seen as the "sister" game to Super Shougi (SFC). The game is not the standard four-player mahjong, but is rather a one-on-one game.

There are three different modes of play offered by the game. Free Game Mode (フリー対局モード) is a standard exhibition game of mahjong. The player selects one of twelve AI opponents to battle. The goal of the game is to reduce the opponent's points to zero or less. In Item Game Mode (アイテム対局モード), the player can use a variety of items at their disposal that act as powerups. The World Unification Mode (世界統一モード) is the main story mode of the game. In this mode, the player must beat each leader of a country to overtake their country and unify the world (a la Sengoku Mahjong (PCE)). The game also has Rule Settings (ルール設定) which the player can modify various rules in which the game is played. Like most mahjong video games, there is unfortunately no two-player mode to prevent the players from seeing each other's tiles.

The game received two sequels; Super Mahjong 2: Honkaku 4Jin Uchi (SFC), and Super Mahjong 3 (SFC).


Super Mahjong - SFC - Title.png

The title screen.

Super Mahjong - SFC - Tyuka.png

Playing a game of mahjong.

Super Mahjong - SFC - Item Roulette.png

Choose wisely...

Super Mahjong - SFC - Draw a Prize!.png

You chose... wisely!

Super Mahjong - SFC - Item Shop.png

Buying items at the shop.

Super Mahjong - SFC - Game Over.png

Game Over. So, this screen must be why it wasn't released outside Japan!


Super Mahjong has a nice variety of music. The game's soundtrack was written by Novko Hasebe, and this appears to be her last game. The music genres range from fast-paced rock to traditional-sounding anthems. There are two in-game tunes that the player can choose to listen to any time during a game of mahjong.

To compose the game's soundtrack, Hasebe received a list of songs from Hiroshi Endo to compose, without seeing the game herself. She composed her music on a Kawai Q80 sequencer.

The song titles come from the SPC rip. However, Novko sent the VGMPF recordings of the original sequences for tracks 3~5, and these tracks are named after the recordings. Novko originally wrote two iterations of Owari, but it appears the arrangement in the game is a mashup of the two tracks. The music was arranged by Home Data's Eurythm sound team (most likely Kenichi Fujii) in a modified version of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun sound engine.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 I'Max Logo Novko HasebeEurythm 0:04
02 Title Novko HasebeEurythm 1:30
03 Tyuka Novko HasebeEurythm 3:01
04 Nihon Novko HasebeEurythm 2:43
05 Owari Novko HasebeEurythm 0:06
06 Game Over Novko HasebeEurythm 1:14
07 Item Roulette Novko HasebeEurythm 1:44
08 Draw a Blank... Novko HasebeEurythm 0:03
09 Draw a Prize! Novko HasebeEurythm 0:02
10 Item Shop Novko HasebeEurythm 1:27
11 Item Use Novko HasebeEurythm 0:04
12 Ending Novko HasebeEurythm 3:27


(Source: Verification from composer; Game lacks credits.)

Like most I'Max games at the time, the game has no credits. We have contacted Novko Hasebe, who has verified her involvement with the game. She did not know who arranged her music to the Super Famicom because she only was in touch with Hiroshi Endo. However, based on several game credits, it was most likely Kenichi Fujii who arranged her music to the Super Famicom.

Game Rip




SPC dumps are recorded during actual game play. The song titles are taken from the SPC files.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Super Mahjong - SFC - Japan.jpg
Title: スーパー麻雀 (Super Mahjong)
Platform: Super Famicom
Released: 1992-08-22
Publisher: I'Max