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Steve Collett
Steve Rockett - 1.jpg
Born 1964-05-24
Birth Place United Kingdom
Nationality English   England.svg
Aliases Rockett Music
Rockett Music, Ltd.
Steve Rockett

Steve Collett is an English composer and sound designer. He has worked professionally in music and sound design since 1991. He started when he worked at Probe Software as a composer. While working there, he would usually work alongside his friend and colleague Nick Stroud. At Probe, he mainly composed for the SNES and Game Boy, but would also work on the Mega Drive and other platforms. He left around 1995 and started his own music business, Rockett Music. Here, he worked primarily on the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. He closed the company at an unknown date.

Today, Steve continues to work professionally in game audio with his company Lowrider Sound.

Audio Development

Game Boy

Steve used a sound driver by his colleague David Shea.


The unreleased Mega Drive version of Jelly Boy credits the famous GEMS which was used by many American developers.


I designed a custom sound driver with a programmer.

It converted midi files, then allowed you to patch sound banks to match the program changes in the midi files.

I'd prepare the loops in some Amiga sound editing tool (I can't remember the name of) I used to extract loops from the W-30 too.

I remember, every time I'd make even 1 note change, I'd have to rebuild the whole thing, that would take a few minutes each time!!

It really was time consuming, the SNES had 64k RAM, that was for the sound driver, midi files, and level specific instruments and sfx samples, no wonder the sound quality was dodgy sometimes

Game Boy Color

Steve used a sound driver by Coyote Developments, for Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare and HotGen-developed games he used the MusyX sound engine by Factor 5.

Game Boy Advance

Steve used MusyX for Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 and LEGO Racers 2.

For the rest of his GBA work at Crawfish Interactive and Pocket Studios, Steve used Nintendo's MP2K engine.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and The Incredible Hulk uses unique sound driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-??-?? Trivial Pursuit (CDTV) Sampling of Questions
1992-??-?? Chuck Rock (SNES)
Arranged Matthew Simmonds and Matt Furniss's music
1992-??-?? Rubicon (AMI)
Loading Music
1992-??-?? Rubicon (AST) With Charles Deenen.
1993-??-?? Alien³ (SNES) (エイリアン³)
1993-??-?? Wolfchild (SNES)
Music Translation
1993-03-26 Power Monger (SNES) (パワーモンガー 魔将の謀略)
1993-09-?? Bram Stoker's Dracula (SNES)
With Andy Brock.
1994-??-?? ACME Animation Factory (SNES)
With Nick Stroud.
1994-??-?? Body Count (GEN)
1994-??-?? The Incredible Hulk (GEN) Arranged by Matt Furniss.
1994-??-?? The Incredible Hulk (SNES)
1994-??-?? Jelly Boy (GB)
1994-??-?? The Pagemaster (GEN) With Nick Stroud.
1994-??-?? The Pagemaster (SNES)
With Nick Stroud.
1994-??-?? Stargate (GEN)
With Andy Brock.
1994-07-?? Beauty and the Beast (SNES) Sound Effects
1994-09-?? Mortal Kombat II (GB)
Arranged Dan Forden's music with Edward Haynes.
1994-11-?? The Pagemaster (GB) With Edward Haynes.
1994-12-?? Stargate (GB)
1995-??-?? Stargate (GG)
1995-02-?? FIFA International Soccer (GB)
1995-03-?? Jelly Boy (SNES)
With Nick Stroud.
1995-04-?? Stargate (SNES) (スターゲイト)
With Andy Brock.
1995-06-?? NHL Hockey '95 (GB)
1996-07-?? NHL '96 (GB)
1999-09-?? Asteroids (GBC)
1999-10-27 Space Invaders (GBC) (スペースインベーダーX)
1999-12-01 Asteroids Hyper 64 (N64)
1999-12-16 The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley (GBC)
1999-12-16 Uno (GBC)
1999-12-31 Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (GBC) (ストリートファイターALPHA)
Arranged Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto, Yuko Takehara, Naoaki Iwami and Naoshi Mizuta's music
1999-12-?? Godzilla: The Series (GBC)
1999-12-?? Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (GBC)
2000-02-17 ECW Hardcore Revolution (GBC)
2000-04-03 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (GBC)
Arranged Bill Brown's music
2000-04-?? Driver (GBC)
Arranged Allister Brimble's music
2000-05-31 Mary Kate & Ashley: Get a Clue! (GBC)
2000-07-11 X-Men: Mutant Academy (PS1) Additional Music Tracks
2000-07-31 X-Men: Mutant Academy (GBC)
2000-10-06 Cruis'n Exotica (GBC)
Arranged Vince Pontarelli's music
2000-11-07 Aladdin (GBC)
Arranged Alan Menken and Tommy Tallarico's music
2000-12-15 Road Champs: BXS Stunt Biking (GBC)
2000-12-20 Godzilla: The Series — Monster Wars (GBC)
2000-11-27 Star Wars Episode I: Obi-Wan's Adventures (GBC)
Arranged John Williams's Music
2001-03-30 Aliens: Thanatos Encounter (GBC)
2001-03-30 Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (GBC)
Arranged John Williams and Clint Bajakian's Music
2001-03-30 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (GBC)
Arranged Richard Wells' music
2001-05-14 Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (GBC)
2001-05-18 Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (GBC)
2001-05-28 Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends (GBC)
2001-06-11 Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 (GBA)
2001-06-12 Razor Freestyle Scooter (GBC)
2001-08-15 Barbie: Pet Rescue (GBC)
2001-11-20 Razor Freestyle Scooter (GBA)
2001-11-27 Mary-Kate and Ashley: Crush Course (GBC)
2001-11-27 Ecks vs. Sever (GBA)
2001-11-28 Driven (GBA)
2001-11-28 LEGO Racers 2 (GBA)
2001-11-30 Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction (GBA)
2001-12-03 Army Men: Operation Green (GBA)
2002-02-22 Peter Pan: Return to Neverland (GBA)
2002-03-31 The Three Stooges (GBA)
Arranged David Thiel's score
2002-03-31 Wolfenstein 3D (GBA)
Arranged Bobby Prince's music
2002-05-06 NASCAR Heat 2002 (GBA)
2002-06-14 Nicktoons Racing (GBA)
Arranged Martin Goodall's music
2002-09-13 Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (GBA)
2002-09-14 Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (GBA)
2002-09-24 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (GBA)
2002-09-27 Street Fighter Alpha 3 (GBA) (ストリートファイターZERO3アッパー)
Arranged Takayuki Iwai, Yuki Iwai, Isao Abe, Hideki Okugawa and Tetsuya Shibata's music
2002-10-07 Defender of the Crown (GBA)
Arranged Jim Cuomo's music
2002-11-25 Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (GBA) Arranged John Paul and Joe Lyford's music
2002-10-31 Reign of Fire (GBA)
2003-02-13 Wings (GBA)
Arranged Greg Haggard's music
2003-03-26 Superman: Countdown to Apokolips (GBA)
2003-03-30 Ed, Edd 'n Eddy: Jawbreakers! (GBA)
2003-05-15 MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 2 (XBOX)
2003-05-21 MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 2 (W32)
2003-05-27 The Incredible Hulk (GBA)
2003-05-28 Speed Kings (GC)
2003-06-24 The Italian Job (PS2)
2003-06-24 The Italian Job (XBOX)
2003-07-15 The Italian Job (GC)
2003-11-14 Hot Wheels: World Race (GBA)
2003-10-29 Hot Wheels: World Race (PS2)
2003-10-31 Hot Wheels: World Race (GC)
2003-10-?? Hot Wheels: World Race (W32)
2004-11-10 Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge (PS2)
With Jason Knight.
2004-11-10 Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge (GBA)
Arranged by Allister Brimble
2004-11-15 Crash 'N' Burn (PS2)
2004-11-15 Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge (W32) With Thus Music.
2005-08-30 MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 (XBOX)
2005-08-30 MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 (W32)
2006-06-09 MotoGP '06 (X360)
2006-10-26 ATV Offroad Fury Pro (PSP) Audio: Engine Design Consulting
2006-10-31 ATV Offroad Fury 4 (PS2) Audio: Engine Design Consulting
2007-10-01 MotoGP '07 (PS2) Audio Team: Audio Manager / Sound Designer
2008-09-16 Pure (W64) Audio Manager
2010-05-18 Split/Second (W64) Audio Director with Steve Emney.
2012-05-15 Apptivity Hot Wheels (IOS)
2012-06-28 CSR Racing (IOS)
2012-07-05 Apptivity WWE Rumblers (IOS)
2013-04-15 CSR Racing (AND) With Anastasios Brakis.
2013-09-18 Foul Play (W64) With Matt Bonham.
2013-09-18 Foul Play (X360) With Matt Bonham.
2014-09-03 CSR Classics (AND) With Anastasios Brakis.
2017-04-04 Blackwood Crossing (PS4) Sound Design and Music: Lowrider Sound with Matt Bonham and Tim Cotterell.
2017-04-04 Blackwood Crossing (W64) Sound Design and Music: Lowrider Sound with Matt Bonham and Tim Cotterell.
2017-04-11 The Sexy Brutale (W64) Lowrider Sound: Executive Producer
2017-08-29 Top Drives (IOS) With Matt Bonham.
2018-05-08 Forza Street (Windows Apps) Lowrider Sound: Sound Design with Matt Bonham.
2020-03-06 Murder by Numbers (W64) Sound Effect Production: Lowrider Sound with Allister Brimble.
Unreleased Jelly Boy (SMD) With Nick Stroud.
Unreleased Resident Evil (GBC)
Unreleased The Mask: From Zero To Hero (GBC)
Unreleased War Monster RTS (GBC)
Unreleased The Chaos Engine (GBA) (Soldiers of Fortune)
Unreleased Gods (GBA)
Unreleased Magic Pockets (GBA)
Unreleased Grand Theft Auto III (GBA)
Unreleased Hot Wheels: World Race (XBOX)
Unreleased Mick and Mack in Global Gladiators (SNES)
Arranged Tommy Tallarico's music.