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Founded 198?
Headquarters Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Other Names
  • Source the Software House
  • Source R&D
  • Source Research & Development

Source was a British game developer. Some of the main staff was Eddie Gill, Wendy Burgess, Chris Gill, Ian Richards, Jason Benham and Ray Lenik.

During their NES development, they only released two games, both without credits. According to one of the developers, the games were rushed so they didn't bother with credits.


Music Development

Commodore 64

Source used Unknown C64 Driver, Source (C64 Driver) and Ben Daglish's driver.

Game Boy/NES

Both Source's Game Boy and NES sound drivers were programmed by Link Tomlin. Chris Gill was the only composer to utilize these drivers. He wrote the music in Pro-24 for the Atari ST as MIDI files, which were then converted into the game via a conversion program.

Audio Personnel