Sound Expander

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Sound Expander
Sound Expander - Contents.jpg
Developer: SFX Computer Software
Released: 1985-??-??
Type: External Device
Slot: Commodore 64 expansion
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Platforms: Platform - C64.png

The Sound Expander is one of the three audio cartridge devices produced by SFX Computer Software for the Commodore 64 which enhances the computer's audio capabilities. The product was released in the UK in 1985, and sold for £99.99, but for much more if you wanted to buy the Commodore keyboard as well.

The Sound Expander is a large cartridge that plugs into the cartridge slot of the Commodore. In order to allow you to play games when the Sound Expander is plugged in, the device has its own cartridge slot which works as a pass-through to the Commodore. Audio is generated using a Yamaha YM3526 OPL chip and the cart has a mono jack to connect to a speaker.

The Sound Expander came with bundled software which included a music composition program. You use the Commodore keyboard to play music notes and the product even came with stickers you could apply to the keyboard to make it easier to remember which buttons to push. SFX Computer Software also sold a piano-like keyboard which could be plugged into the side of the device to make composition easier.


Other than the software that came with the Sound Expander, it doesn't appear as though any games ever utilized the device for music or sound effects.

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Emulation Status

The Sound Expander is emulated by VICE.