Solid Software

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Solid Software
Founded 1991
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA

Solid Software was an American game developer who was known for making many ports of existing properties. It was formed by Atari employee D. Scott Williamson and it was a subsidiary of Solid Corporation.


Music Development


The company hired Mike Cihak and Matt Scott of the group Byte Size Sound to create the soundtracks using MIDI files, and then sent to Chip Level Designs' audio driver.


For Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (GEN), Rudy Helm converted their audio files in MIDI to Accolade's sound driver. For Time Killers (GEN), in which Solid licensed one of the technologies, they hired an unknown composer to program their MIDI files, using the GEMS sound driver.


For their game Arcade Classics: Super Breakout & Battlezone (GB), an unknown composer send their MIDI sound files, and converted to an unknown sound driver.

Audio Personnel