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Founded 1987-0?-??
Last Release 1987-??-??

Sky-Fighter (spelled with hyphen in-game and without in logos) is a cross between Xevious, Scramble and Touch Me.

On your way through 9 missions, you come across enemies, their shots, and up to 6 airbases with a stationary enemy. At the end of each mission, you should remember the airbases (like in Touch Me), as that will stock you up with 40 bombs, 9 hits to go, and thousands of points. If you don't, you still have 20 bombs, but better use them sparingly, as many ground targets either shoot at you or provide fuel (like in Scramble). You also have one torpedo to save until last. If you are shot 9 times, collide with an UFO or run out of fuel, the game instantly ends.

The game was created by Thomas Hertzler while supposed to study electrical engineering. He sold it to Rainbow Arts, where it was scored by Chris Hülsbeck (digitally for the first time) and ported to the Amiga, if slightly less polished. In 1988, Hertzler ported The Great Giana Sisters to both 16-bit platforms and founded Blue Byte.



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Notable Songs Title - Sky-Fighter
Notable Personnel Chris Hülsbeck
Notable Companies Rainbow Arts