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Sizlla Okamura
Sizlla Okamura - 1.jpg
Local 岡村 静良 (おかむら しずら)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases 岡村 싲라 (Sizilla Okamura), Czla, Sizlla, Sizlla Gainsbourg, soulmate, おかむら やちのすけ (Yachinosuke Okamura), ハーブ上條 (Herb Kamijou), Sizlla Leona, スズオ エーンスブール (Suzuo Ēnsubūru)

Sizlla Okamura (born Shizura Okamura) is a Japanese composer and sound designer, known for his numerous works with NMK and Nippon Eicom.

He started working for NMK around 1987, working on numerous platforms such as the NES, Arcade, and Mega Drive. His notable games for NMK include P-47, Saint Dragon, and Esper Boukentai. Around 1992, Okamura departed NMK to work at Sammy Corporation (originally Nippon Eicom). There, he scored numerous games for the SNES including Battle Blaze and Football Fury. He also served as audio director for many of the company's titles. Okamura is known for his techno and house style, but he has also composed various other genres including classical and jazz. He would later serve as an inspiration to another NMK sound member, Manabu Namiki. Around 1998, Okamura left Sammy, but remained active in the game industry, possibly wanting to be a freelancer. However, it wasn't long until he retired from the game industry.

Today, Okamura remains active as a composer and has worked with many musicians.

Music Development


According to Okamura, he would write the music on an YRM-15 on an MSX computer. Occasionally, he would convert his compositions to sheet music. Then the music was entered in code into the sound engine. [1]

Sizlla used a sound driver by Kazuhiro Ayabe. The driver was later upgraded by Kazunori Hideya.


Sizlla spoke of the music:

I especially like the piece with 8th note triplets. I made this piece to express my gratitude to Burgmuller who supported my piano practice in my childhood.

Though the game has no credits, Okamura confirmed all the composers in a Tweet.


Sizlla used a sound driver by Junichi Saito, which was a modification of the DBOOT sound driver by Opus, version 1.03.

Sizlla says of Dynamic Stadium:[3]

The BGM for the SFC "Dynamic Stadium" was composed by Junichi Saito for the front and back of play, and by myself for the others. Strictly speaking, the jingle of the play ball was arranged from the old corporate logo (used in the Neo-Geo version of Viewpoint), and the original music was composed by Megumi Matsuura. Sound programming was done by Saito.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-10-13 Esper Boukentai (FC) (エスパ冒険隊)
1988-11-11 Saiyuuki World (FC) (西遊記ワールド) Composer?
1989-??-?? Mahjong Island (ARC) (浦島まあじゃん)
1989-??-?? Saint Dragon (ARC) (天聖龍)
1989-??-?? Task Force Harrier (ARC) (タスクフォースハリアー) Sound Effects
1989-03-20 P-47: The Freedom Fighter (PCE)
1989-03-28 Jajamaru Ninpou Chou (FC) (じゃじゃ丸忍法帳)
1989-09-29 Okkotoshi Toshi Puzzle Tonjan!? (FC) (落っことしパズル とんじゃん!?) With the NMK sound staff.
1990-06-?? Arkista's Ring (NES)
1991-07-19 SD Keiji: Blader (FC) (SD刑事ブレイダー)
1991-12-06 Fighting Masters (GEN) (ファイティングマスターズ) Thanks
1992-05-01 Battle Blaze (SNES) (バトルブレイズ) Sound Director
1992-07-24 Football Fury (SNES) (ウルティメイトフットボール) Sound Director
1992-12-11 Viewpoint (NG) (ビューポイント)
1993-11-26 Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! (SFC) (実戦!パチスロ必勝法!) Sound Director
1993-11-26 Dynamic Stadium (SFC) (ダイナミックスタジアム)
1994-09-16 Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! 2 (SFC) (実戦パチスロ必勝法!2) With "Job Seeker" and Tsutomu Ohkuma.
1994-??-?? Super Eagle Shot (ARC) (スーパーイーグルショット) With Tsutomu Ohkuma.
1995-??-?? P-47 Aces (ARC) (P―47)
1996-10-25 Tower Dream (SFC) (タワードリーム ) Sound Programmer
1997-03-07 Pachi-Slot Kanzen Kouryaku (SFC) (パチスロ完全攻略~ユニバーサル新台入荷Vol.1~ ) Composer?
1998-01-15 Option Tuning Car Battle (PS1) (OPTIONチューニングカーバトル)
1999-02-18 Option Tuning Car Battle 2 (PS1) (OPTIONチューニングカーバトル2)
2001-04-12 Cross Hunter (GBC) (クロスハンター) Sound Produce
Unknown Large Spirit World Mahjong (ARC) (麻雀大霊界)
Unknown Masakigake Legend (ARC) (魔魁伝説)


In Jajamaru Ninpou Chou (FC), he is credited as "Herb Kamijo". The president of Jaleco prohibited the developers from using their real names. At the time he was told this, he happened to be sucking on a herb-flavored Ricola candy.[4]. Tsunehiko Kamijo sang in the Japanese Ricola commercials, so he combined the two things into an alias.

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