SimCity 2000 (W16)

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SimCity 2000
Sim City 2000 - DOS - USA.jpg
Platform: Windows
Year: 1994
Developer: Maxis Software, Inc.
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For other games in the series see SimCity.

SimCity 2000 is a strategy game based on urban planning and sequel to SimCity. You control the primary aspects of planning out the city including where residential, commercial, and industrial zones will be, where the police and fire departments will be built, power plants, parks, roads, railways, airports, and more. As your city grows, you will have various problems to deal with including traffic, crime, pollution, and civil unrest. You also have to worry about the city's budget and not build so fast or so reckless that you end up going bankrupt.

The Windows version this game uses standard Windows interfaces, allowing for much higher resolutions than the fixed fullscreen DOS edition with imitation of a GUI.


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SimCity 2000's music is a collection of jazzy tracks that are played randomly at different intervals along the progression of the game.

The choice to play the songs at random means there is no official SimCity 2000 theme, and the music doesn't flow with what's going on in the game. Sue Kasper gave the songs varied emotions; some of the tracks have a nice rural feel, others have a more urban sound, some are lazy, others are anxious. However, since the songs play at random, you can get a fast-paced urban song when you only have a tiny village, a lazy slow song when your teeming metropolis is rioting, or a nice toe-tapping dance number when your city is being crippled by a hurricane!


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Game Rip

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The entire soundtrack is contained in standard MIDI files in the SOUND directory. These files all conform to the General MIDI standard. This allows SimCity 2000 to be played with any sound card supported by Windows. However, while the DOS version has variations of the soundtrack tailored to the most common sound cards of the day and the Macintosh and Amiga versions come with their own instrument samples, the Windows versions do not come with such optimizations, and instrument choices may sound less than ideal depending on the sound card setup.


  USA.svg   USA
Title: SimCity 2000
Platform: Windows 16
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Maxis Software, Inc.
  USA.svg   USA
Title: SimCity 2000
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 1996-??-??
Publisher: Maxis Software, Inc.


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