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Sibelius 7.5 - Box.jpg
Creator Benn Finn, Jonathan Finn
Released 1993-04-??
Platform Acorn Archimedes, Windows, Macintosh

Sibelius (named after the composer Jean Sibelius) is a music program that can be used to create sheet music. While the program hasn't been used to develop video game music, it has been used to create sheet music for video games, and many music publishers such as Hal Leonard use it for their sheet music.

Release History

The program was originally released under the name "Sibelius 7" for the Acord Archimedes in April 1993. The number 7 signifies Sibelius's last symphony number. In September 1998, Sibelius was released for Microsoft Windows as Sibelius 1.0. A Mac version was later released, and ever since, the Windows and Macintosh versions are the only versions of the software that are being released to this day. The current version being 8, released in June of 2015. The program retails for $600.

In August 2006, Sibelius was acquired by Avid Technology, who still retains the rights for the software to this day. It currently exists in three versions; First, which is a version with limited capabilities, Academic, which is for school students who want to use the software at a lower rate, and the full version, which has all capabilities and funcionality.


Current versions of Sibelius use the .sib format, but the infamous MIDI format can be imported into Sibelius, in which the program will transcribe it to sheet music. In addition, Sibelius can export .sib files to .mid.

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