Shougi Saikyou (SFC)

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Shougi Saikyou
Shougi Saikyou - SFC - Japan.jpg
Platform: SFC
Year: 1995
Developer: Magical Company
For other games in the series, see Shougi Saikyou.

Shougi Saikyou is a shogi simulation game developed and published by Magical Company. This would be the last shogi series by the company. The game also received a release on the Game Boy. The game takes advantage of the Super Famicom's high-resolution feature.

The game offers four options at the main menu. The Strongest Shogi (将棋最強) is the main mode of the game. This is the main mode of the game. In this mode, there are several Hindu gods that you must defeat in a game of shogi. The difficulties range from 5-kyu to 3-dan. The eight opponents are as follows; Gobujouzou (五部浄), Sakara (沙羯羅), Kumbhanda (鳩槃茶), Gandharva (乾闥婆), Karura (迦楼羅), Kinnara (緊那羅), Hibarakazou (畢婆迦羅), and finally, Ashura (阿修羅). Unlike most shogi games that start from the beginning, this mode starts from the middle of the game, and you must finish it. Each opponent has ten or more levels to complete before you unlock the next opponent.

Beginner, Advanced, Master (初心 上級 名人) is a standard exhibition game of shogi, and the title represents the three difficulties the player can choose from. On Beginner, the player has 30 seconds per move. In Advanced, the player has 60 minutes to play the game. On Master, the player has 3 hours.

Board Settings (盤面設定) allows you to play a game with a configurable board, where the player can edit the pieces on the board. This mode has several sub-modes that can be selected. Equality (平手) sets up the board normally. Drop Piece (駒落) drops certain pieces from the player's side of the board. Battle Formation (戦形) randomly places the pieces on the board. Tsume (詰) allows you to set up Tsume Shogi problems.

Tsume Shogi Automatic Answer (詰将棋自動解答) allows you to create Tsume Shogi problems for the computer to solve, similar to Morita Shougi.

The game received mostly positive reviews for the gameplay, graphics, and audio. However, the game is only meant for skilled shogi player, hence the game's title, so players with a 6-kyu or weaker skill level may not have much fun with the game. The game later received a sequel, Shogi Saikyou II: Jissen Taikyoku Hen (SFC).


Shougi Saikyou - SFC - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Shougi Saikyou - SFC - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

Shougi Saikyou - SFC - Select an Opponent.png

Choosing an opponent.

Shougi Saikyou - SFC - Which Scenario.png

The stage select screen.

Shougi Saikyou - SFC - Skilled Opponent.png

Playing a game of shogi.

Shougi Saikyou - SFC - Challenge with the Master.png

Playing against the final boss.


The game's soundtrack was composed by Magical's primary composer Toshiyuki Takine, who had previously composed Magical's previous shogi titles such as Super Shougi 2 (SFC) and Itou Hatasu Rokudan no Shougi Doujou (SFC). The game's soundtrack is very similar to those two games, in that the music is very atmospheric and traditional-sounding, consisting mostly of strings, flutes, and kotos. Most of the songs are pretty lengthy as well, which helps. The main mode of the game has a few different themes that play depending on the opponent you're playing against, which is nice.

There is also an unused song in the game. Its intended purpose is unknown, but it is thought to have served as the ending theme when the player receives their diploma due to the happy nature of the song.

Takine used a variant of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun software to create the game's music and sound effects.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Magical Logo Toshiyuki Takine 0:12
02 Title Screen Toshiyuki Takine 3:29
03 Main Menu Toshiyuki Takine 2:06
04 Free Play Shougi Set Up Toshiyuki Takine 1:51
05 Free Play Shougi Game Toshiyuki Takine 2:07
06 Select an Opponent Toshiyuki Takine 0:43
07 Which Scenario Toshiyuki Takine 0:50
08 Intermediate Opponent Toshiyuki Takine 2:08
09 Skilled Opponent Toshiyuki Takine 1:35
10 Advanced Opponent Toshiyuki Takine 3:37
11 Challenge with the Master Toshiyuki Takine 5:11
12 Unknown Tune Toshiyuki Takine 1:24


(Source: Verification from composer; Game lacks credits.)

Like most other Magical games, there are no credits neither in the game nor the manual. Toshiyuki Takine listed the game in his works on his website. The website has long since ceased to exist, but an archive is available on the Wayback Machine. Takine credits himself for the game's music and sound effects.

Game Rip




SPC dumps are recorded during actual game play. The song titles are taken from the SPC files.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Shougi Saikyou - SFC - Japan.jpg
Title: 将棋最強 (The Strongest Shogi)
Platform: Super Famicom
Released: 1995-07-21
Publisher: Magical Company