Shougi Fuurinkazan (SFC)

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Shougi Fuurinkazan
Shougi Fuurinkazan - SFC - Japan.jpg
Platform: SFC
Year: 1993
Developer: Crosstalk

Shougi Fuurinkazan is a shogi simulation game developed by Crosstalk and published by Pony Canyon. The game's subtitle Fuurinkazan is short for the phrase "as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain".

The game was endorsed by five professional shogi players (Kishi) at the time; Hiromitsu Kanki, Naoko Hayashiba, Kenji Kobayashi, Yasuaki Tsukada, and finally Kouji Tanigawa. All five appear as AI opponents in the game. There are different modes to choose from. Profile (プロフィール) allows you to look at a brief biography of the five shogi opponents. Game (対局) is the main mode of the game, which you must take on the five aforementioned opponents in the order listed above. Next Move (次の一手) is a mode in which you must choose the next best move via multiple choice. There are 10 problems by each of the five kishi. Tsume Shogi (詰め将棋) is where you must solve a problem laid out for you. Like the Next Move mode, there are 50 problems in all, every ten being made by the aforementioned kishi. Course (講座) is where you can learn strategies from the different kishi. Finally, the Piece Selection (駒の選択) allows you to choose from two different piece sets.

The game adds a bit of realism by adding a hand and arm to the players when they move pieces on the board, but this can get in the way of the board. The controls are also very stiff, making it hard to move pieces on the board. There is also no two-player mode. In addition, since the opponents in the game are simulations of professional players, the game only appeals to diehard shogi players, as there is no way to adjust the difficulty, save for changing how long you have to make a move, but this can only be done if you beat an opponent.


Shougi Fuurinkazan - SFC - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Shougi Fuurinkazan - SFC - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

Shougi Fuurinkazan - SFC - Theme of Hiromitsu Kanki.png

The pre-match screen. This tells you who goes first and your time limit per move.

Shougi Fuurinkazan - SFC - Gameplay.png

Playing a game of shogi.

Shougi Fuurinkazan - SFC - Give Up.png

You can resign if you don't think you'll win.

Shougi Fuurinkazan - SFC - You Won.png

Sweet victory!


Shougi Fuurinkazan features fifteen tracks; quite a bit for a shogi game. The game was written by Crosstalk's main sound designer Yoshio Kobayashi. Most of the music consists of the genre of traditional Japanese music with kotos and shamisens, though a few songs have a bit of a rock feel to them. Each kishi gets their own theme, but there is no in-game music. Some might see this as a blessing or a curse. The sound effects are also minimal, although in addition to the narrator that records each move, the developers (or publishers) were able to get the five kishi to record a couple voice lines.

Kobayashi used Crosstalk's version of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun to create the game's audio.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Yoshio Kobayashi 1:45
02 Main Menu Yoshio Kobayashi 0:35
03 Theme of Hiromitsu Kanki Yoshio Kobayashi 0:43
04 Theme of Naoko Hayashiba Yoshio Kobayashi 0:40
05 Theme of Kenji Kobayashi Yoshio Kobayashi 0:52
06 Theme of Yasuaki Tsukada Yoshio Kobayashi 1:06
07 Theme of Kouji Tanigawa Yoshio Kobayashi 0:53
08 Give Up? Yoshio Kobayashi 1:20
09 You Lost Yoshio Kobayashi 0:07
10 You Won Yoshio Kobayashi 0:13
11 Unused Song 1 Yoshio Kobayashi 0:31
12 Unused Song 2 Yoshio Kobayashi 0:47
13 Unused Song 3 Yoshio Kobayashi 1:44
14 Unused Jingle 1 Yoshio Kobayashi 0:04
15 Unused Jingle 2 Yoshio Kobayashi 0:05


(Source: Verification from composer; Game lacks credits.)

Beating the modes in the game do not have an ending screen, and therefore do not have credits. While the manual does have credits, it does not credit the development staff. The only audio-related credit in the manual is a special thanks mention to Hitokuchizaka Studio, possibly where the kishi recorded their lines.

We have received verification from Yoshio Kobayashi that he did the game's audio.

Game Rip




SPC dumps are recorded during actual game play. The song titles are taken from the SPC files.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Shougi Fuurinkazan - SFC - Japan.jpg
Title: 将棋風林火山 (Shougi Fuurinkazan)
Platform: Super Famicom
Released: 1993-10-29
Publisher: Pony Canyon