Shizuo Aizawa

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Shizuo Aizawa
Local 相沢 静夫 (あいざわ しずお)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Splatter A , Spratter Aizawa, Splatter Aizawa

Shizuo Aizawa is a Japanese composer and sound designer. He worked for Taito for a short amount of time, but due to the short amount of time he worked there and his being credited in only a handful of games, not much is known about him.

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Released Title Sample Notes
1986-07-?? Alpha (PC88) (アルファ) Special Thanks (Rhythm Programming)
1988-??-?? Operation Thunderbolt (ARC) (オペレーションサンダーボルト)
1988-??-?? Raimais (ARC) (レイメイズ) With Masahiko Takagi, Kazuyuki Onui, and Naoto Yagishita.
1988-??-?? Rastan Saga (MSX) With Naoto Yagishita.
1988-??-?? Superman (ARC) (スーパーマン) With Masahiko Takaki, Kazuyuki Onui, and Takami Asano.
1989-04-?? Rastan (SMS) Sound Arranger
1991-08-09 Rastan Saga (GG) (ラスタンサーガ) Sound Arrange
2006-03-30 Over G Fighters (X360) Voice Data Editor with Takashi Furukawa and Katsuhisa Ishikawa.
2009-03-26 Space Invaders Extreme 2 (NDS) (スペースインベーダーエクストリーム2) With Hirokazu Koshio, Mitsugu Suzuki, and Koji Sakurai.