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Final Fantasy - NES - Ship.png
Composer Nobuo Uematsu
Arranger Nobuo Uematsu
Programmer Toshiaki Imai
Released 1987-12-18
Length 0:39
Format NSF.png
Game Final Fantasy (NES)
Title Origin Translation
Loops Yes

You'll hear the Ship tune plays while you're roaming the high seas, after you've vanquished Bikke the pirate. While playing the game there is a periodic sound of ocean waves, however, these are not included in the rip or recording so you can appreciate the music by itself.


There isn't an official English release of the song. The Japanese title uses kanji, 船 (Fune). Fune is the Japanese word for "ship," "boat," or "vessel." Since the graphic depicted in the game is a ship, the title used is "Ship."

Album Appearances

This song appears on a couple albums.

Released Album Title (Romaji) Translation Version Track
1989-02-28 All Sounds of Final Fantasy I-II 船 (Fune) Ship Original NES 10
2002-10-23 Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II: Original Soundtrack 船 (Fune) Ship PS1 Remake 1.12

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