Shigeru Tomita

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Shigeru Tomita
Local 富田茂 (とみた しげる)
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Tommy

Shigeru Tomita is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked for T&E Soft. He was in an amateur band in high school, but later started to work in music professionally. He joined T&E Soft around 1985 originally as a programmer, but ended up as a composer. However, while working for the company, Tomita (also known as Tommy, a localization of his surname) also worked as a music arranger, sound effects designer, and sound programmer, programming sound drivers for the various consoles the company developed for. He also designed "FM-PAC", a cartridge that allowed the MSX computer to output to FM synthesizer sound sources, and even wrote a song for it.

Tomita appears to have left T&E Soft around 1991, and has not been credited in a game since. His main hobbies include listening to classical music and practicing electric guitar, sometimes shooting models and wireless, and camping in the summer.


Released Title Sample Notes
1985-??-?? Laydock (MSX) (レ・イ・ド・ッ・ク)
1986-01-?? Hydlide II: Shrine of Darkness (FM7) Music Arrange with Takayuki Matsui and Manabu Fujimoto.
1986-11-?? Laydock (FM7) (レ・イ・ド・ッ・ク)
1986-12-05 Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia (FC) (ディーヴァ ストーリー6 ナーサティア王座) Music Arrange
1987-??-?? Hydlide 3: The Space Memories (MSX)
1987-??-?? Super Laydock: Mission Striker (MSX) (スーパーレイドック ミッションストライカー)
1987-10-05 Hydlide 3: The Space Memories (MSX) (ハイドライド・3)
1987-12-?? Super Laydock: Mission Striker (X1) (スーパーレイドック ミッションストライカー)
1988-??-?? Psy-O-Blade (MSX) (サイオブレード)
1988-??-?? Laydock 2: Last Attack (MSX) (レイドック2)
1988-??-?? Psy-O-Blade (X1) With Kazunori Hasegawa.
1988-11-?? Psy-O-Blade (PC88) With Kazunori Hasegawa.
1989-02-17 Hydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha (FC) (ハイドライド3 闇からの訪問者) Arranged by Hiroshi Sakaguchi.
1989-09-09 Hydlide 3 Special Version (PC98) (ハイドライド3 スペシャルバージョン)
1989-10-20 Harukanaru Augusta (PC98) 1.0 version only.
1989-??-?? Rune Worth: Kokui no Kikoushi (The Black Clad Young Noble) (ルーンワース黒衣の貴公子)
1990-04-27 PsyOBlade (SMD) (サイオブレード) With Kazunori Hasegawa. Arranged by Hiroto Kanno.
1990-11-05 Hydlide 3: The Space Memories (X68)
1991-04-05 New 3D Golf Simulation: Harukanaru Augusta (SFC) (遙かなるオーガスタ) With Kazunori Hasegawa.