Satoru Miki

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Satoru Miki
Local 三木 暁 (みき さとる)
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Satoru Miki is a Japanese programmer who worked at Opera House. He was only credited for music in two games, and is believed to have only been a sound programmer.

He is not to be confused with the Satoru Miki who worked at Home Data.


Released Title Sample Notes
198?-??-?? Alpharoid (MSX) Composer?
198?-??-?? Project A2: Shijou Saidai no Hyouteki (MSX) Composer?
1986-??-?? Come On! Picot (MSX) Composer?
1987-??-?? Super Runner (MSX2) (スーパーランナー) With Kazunaka Yamane.
1990-??-?? Double Hawk (SMS) With "Chacha" and "Fujioh".