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Saffire - 03.png
Founded ca. 1990
Closed 2004
Headquarters American Fork, Utah, USA
Other Names
  • Cygnus, Saffire Corporation

Saffire was an American game developer started by former Sculptured Software artist Les Pardew. The company originally started as Cygnus, but in 1994, the company's name was changed to Saffire Corporation. Later, Hal Rushton, another designer from Sculptured Software took over the company and his brother David worked there as a composer. In 2004, the company released Thunderbirds for the Game Boy Advance, their last known game before closing its doors shortly after.


Audio Development

Game Boy

A sound driver was programmed, possibly by David Rushton. From the sounds of off-timed notes in some games, it sounds like the composers would write MIDI files in an unknown sequencer, which was converted to Saffire's sound driver.


The composers at Saffire used Nintendo's MP2K sound engine.

Audio Personnel