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Sacred - W32 - Germany.jpg
Platform: Windows 32
Year: 2004
Developer: Ascaron Entertainment GmbH
This page is for the Windows 32 game, for other platforms and games from this series see Sacred.

Sacred is an action-RPG game for Windows 32 bit systems, released on the 25th of March 2004 (version 1.0). Its gameplay reminds Diablo, but the game also have many original and interesting things, like horse riding.

In the version 2.21 (released 28th of July 2005) the game was changed. A new music, regions and characters were added, most of the old tunes were renamed, format extension was renamed from .MP3 to .mp3 (but the format and the content are the same). This add-on was called "Sacred Underworld".


The screenshots were taken from Russian version of the game.

Sacred - W32 - Title.png

The title screen.

Sacred - W32 - Select.png

The character selection.

Sacred - W32 - Beginning.png

The very beginning of this game.

Sacred - W32 - Dialog.png

A dialog with Andukar.

Sacred - W32 - Fighting.png

Now we have a battle against Zhurag-Nar's warg.

Sacred - W32 - Cemetery.png

Standing of cemetary of Silver Creek.


The music tracks remind the style of Diablo (W32), but the amount of them is bigger several times. There are also memorable tracks, such as Mascarell. Mostly of them are eerie or gloomy, but some of them are encouraging.


The tunes (some actual names are unknown) were named after the filenames of the times in the newest version of the game - 2.28 (released after 28th of July 2005).

The recording was created simply by converting MP3 to OGG and uploading it.

Issue - Incomplete.svg

This recording is incomplete.



(Source: Russian version from Akella)

The game doesn't give information about the composer of the in-game music - only about the sound and music composers.

The actual authors of 31 tracks from it, Dag Winterlich and Matthias Steinwachs (with official names of the tracks), found because the official OST of Sacred, what was placed by Ascaron Entertainment on their official site shortly before their bankruptcy (the site is gone, but the OST files were saved by unknown users). The author of other tracks is unknown, and the former employees of Ascaron should be contacted for it.


Sacred OST



Game Rip





The music use MP3 files in /mp3 subfolder of this game.

Ascaron Entertainment licensed MP3s (just find the words "Ascaron Entertainment") for the game.

The game also use MP3 and WAV sounds, packed into PAK file.


  Germany.svg   Germany
Sacred - W32 - Germany.jpg
Title: Sacred
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2004-02-27
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
  UK.svg   UK
Sacred - W32.jpg
Title: Sacred
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2004-03-19
Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment Ltd.
  USA.svg   USA
Sacred - W32 - USA.jpg
Title: Sacred
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2004-03-25
Publisher: Encore, Inc.
  France.svg   France
Sacred - W32 - France.jpg
Title: Sacred
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2004-04-23
Publisher: SG Diffusion
  Poland.svg   Poland
Sacred - W32 - Poland.jpg
Title: Sacred
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2004-05-28
Publisher: Cenega Sp. z o.o
  Spain.svg   Spain
Sacred - W32 - Spain.jpg
Title: Sacred
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2004-06-22
Publisher: FX Interactive, S.L.
  Russia.svg   Russia
Sacred - W32 - Russia.jpg
Title: Князь тьмы (Prince of Darkness)
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2005-05-??
Publisher: Akella
  Finland.svg   Finland
Sacred - W32 - Finland.jpg
Title: Sacred Plus
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2006-??-??
Publisher: Koch Media Ltd.