Sachiko Kakazu

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Sachiko Kakazu
Local 嘉数 佐千子 (かかず さちこ)
Born c. 1954
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases S. Oita, Jam Session

Sachiko Kakazu (née Oita (老田 佐千子)), is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked for Make Software. She was usually credited alongside Akihiro Akamatsu. Sometime during the 90's, she married game developer Takeo Kakazu.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-05-17 Fuzzical Fighter (FC) (ファジカル ファイター)
1991-08-30 Power Gate (PCE) (パワー・ゲイト) Composer?
1991-11-29 Super Metal Crusher (PCE) (スーパーメタルクラッシャー)
1992-02-07 F1 Circus (FC) (エフワン サーカス)
1992-06-05 Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92 (NES) (CAPCOMバルセロナ’92) Composer?
1992-10-10 World Sports Competition (TG16) Composer?
1992-11-27 Terra Cresta II: Mandler no Gyakushuu (PCE) (テラクレスタⅡ マンドラーの逆襲) With Akihiro Akamatsu.
1992-12-18 Super Nichibutsu Mahjong (SFC) (スーパーニチブツマージャン) With Akihiro Akamatsu.
1993-03-26 Milon's Secret Castle (GB) (ミロンの迷宮組曲) With Akihiro Akamatsu; Arranged Takeaki Kunimoto's music.
1993-04-23 Disney's DuckTales 2 (NES) (ダックテイルズ2) Composer?
1993-11-?? Disney's DuckTales 2 (GB) (ダックテイルズ2) Composer?
1993-12-10 Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (NES) (チップとデールの大作戦2) Composer?
1994-10-?? Super Adventure Island II (SNES) (高橋名人の大冒険島2) With Akihiro Akamatsu and Shinji Nakaya.
1994-11-18 Gouketsuji Ichizoku (SMD) (豪血寺一族) With Akihiro Akamatsu and Shinji Nakaya.
1995-12-08 Super Momotarou Dentetsu DX (SFC) (スーパー桃太郎電鉄DX) With Ayaka Matsumoto.
1996-12-06 Momotarou Dentetsu Happy (SFC) (桃太郎電鉄HAPPY) With Koichi Fujiwara.
1997-06-20 Sold Out (PS1) (ソールドアウト) Sound Programmer
1998-07-31 Momotarou Dentetsu Jr. - Zenkoku Ramen Meguri no Maki (GB) (桃太郎伝説jr.全国ラーメンめぐりの巻) Game Sound


As previously mentioned, though not an alias, Sachiko married during her career, and as a result, later games credit her surname as Kakazu.

In the Japanese version of Milon's Secret Castle (GB), she is credited as Jam Session, but the North American release reveals the alias as belonging to S. Oita.