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Player - SV.png
Released 2007
Platform Windows

SV or SCI Viewer is a Windows program and suite of tools that can view and export files found inside of resource files for Sierra On-Line's SCI0 games. In addition to viewing a game's graphics, dialogue, and scripts, the program can play and extract a game's SCI music files. The program is especially useful because it can send the MIDI instructions to any device attached to your computer along with the music's necessary system exclusive data. This allows you to hear the playback on devices like the MT-32 and FB-01 exactly as the game plays the song, without having to actually play the game. Devices like the PC Speaker and Tandy 3 Voice are emulated through MIDI.

The program doesn't support all of the various versions of the Sierra resource formats, and unfortunately, the program's designer doesn't appear to be adding any new development to the project and the original homepage is offline.

The MIDI export feature has some bugs and doesn't output valid MIDI files. However, you can use the SV Command Line Tools program Resource.exe to extract the native SCI files.


Version Download Platform Notes
1.0 Download - (info) Windows GUI
1.0 Download - (info) Windows Command Line Tools