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STUNS - STupid UNcompreSsor
Software - STUNS.png
Creator Andrew Frolov
Released 2004-06-23
Platform Windows

STUNS - STupid UNcompreSsor is an open-source command line utility created by Andrew Frolov in 2004, written in C++ programming language.

The main goal of the program is to scan the specified file, then detect and extract any compressed data which can be recognized with implemented decompression algorithms.

However, Andrew Frolov discontinued his work on STUNS, and v0.1 was the first and the last version of the utility. But he made it open source, so in the 2013 the work was resumed by the CTPAX-X Team. They made some bug fixes and added more useful features.

Key Features


  • Open Source software, you can modify and rebuild it.
  • Supports popular decompression algorithms such as Deflate, PKWare, LZO, UCL nrv2b and nrv2d.
  • Allows to select or skip decompression algorithms.
  • Creates subfolders with extracted data (prefix + algo).
  • Has command line interface, so you can automate it.
  • Works very fast and stable (crashes very rarely).


  • It doesn't detect exporting file formats, you'll need to analyze them manually.
  • Often it extracts a large amount of unusable files due to false positives (however this issue can't be fixed due to algorithm standarts), but fresh unofficial version 0.4 adds feature to set maximum number of extracted files.
  • Has no ability to skip false positive files with small sizes (feature added in unofficial version).
  • Requires at least 256 MB free space on disk for temporary files (corrected in unofficial version).

Usage Examples

Here are some practical usage examples of STUNS with screenshots.


It is possible to decompress save game files in Painkiller (W32) using STUNS and to obtain saved game parameters in plaintext.

Super Tetris

In this example STUNS was used to decompress and extract MIDI music files from the Super Tetris (DOS) game.


Version Download Platform Notes
0.5 Download - (info) Windows Newer unofficial version.
0.1 Download - (info) Windows Latest official version.