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This guide will show you how to covert SPC (Super Nintendo/Super Famicom) music into the VGMPF standard format OGG so you can upload it.

Using foobar2000

  • Download and install the latest version of foobar2000.
  • Follow the one-time foobar2000 Conversion Setup guide to prepare the VGMPF conversion process.
  • Download and install the Game Emu Player component for foobar2000.
  • Download or create an SPC rip.
  • Drag and drop the SPC files or the RSN file into foobar2000.
  • Check the timing on the songs. If the timing is off or hasn't been added, you will have to manually update the timing on them (see below).
  • Right-click on your soundtrack to open the context menu.
  • Click on Convert.
  • In the sub-menu, click on VGMPF. If you don't see VGMPF, follow the foobar2000 Conversion Setup guide.
  • The conversion process will begin. When it finishes, open a file explorer and navigate to your output folder. If you followed the conversion guide, they will be located at C:\VGMPF.
  • Remove the SPC songs from your foobar2000 playlist.
  • Drag and drop the newly converted OGG files into foobar2000.
  • Update the meta data on the music files.
  • Use the Make List program to generate Wiki code and verify the meta data.
  • The songs are now ready for uploading.


Adjusting the timing of SPC files is usually necessary as most SPC download sites don't use accurate timing. Before you convert an SPC soundtrack to OGG, examine the timing of each song and verify that it matches the 2 loop, 10 second fade out rule for this site.

Unfortunately, adjusting the timing for an SPC track changes depending on the player you choose. This guide will use the basic timing

When you load the soundtrack into Winamp, you can be sure that timing hasn't been setup yet if all of the tracks have the same length (like 3:00). However, just because the tracks have a variety of times doesn't mean the person who entered them did so accurately. Many of the tracks available online are several seconds off from the loop point, and do not have a 10 second fade out (snesmusic.org is notorious for random fade out lengths).

If any of the songs are improperly timed, you should adjust them before converting the music to OGG. The example below uses SNESamp, a plugin for Winamp.

  • Install the latest version of Winamp.
  • Install the SNESamp plugin.
  • If your soundtrack is in RSN format, rename the extension to RAR and extract the SPC files since SNESamp doesn't support tagging on compressed SPCs.
  • Load Winamp and drag and drop the SPC files into Winamp.
  • Right-click on the track you want to modify and choose View file info....
  • Click on the ID666 tab.
  • Enter the minutes and seconds for two full loops of the song and a 10 second fade out, and click OK to save. If you don't know the correct timing follow the Determine Song Length guide to find out. Note that ID666 basic timing does not support split-second timing.
  • Continue this process until all of the songs have the correct timing.