SIDPlay (Windows)

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Player - SIDPlay Windows.png
Creator Inge
Released 2009-02-22
Platform Windows

SIDPlay for Windows is a stand-alone SID player which is different from the Macintosh program of the same name. It has a basic, easy-to-use interface where you can simply drag and drop SID files right onto it to play them.

It has many features including:

  • Record music into WAV format.
  • PAL and NTSC formats.
  • Variable playback rates.
  • Support for various Commodore audio formats.
  • Conversion between various Commodore audio formats.
  • CPU debugger for rippers.
  • MOS-6581 and MOS-8580 chipsets.
  • Numerous sound filters.
  • Integration with the High Voltage SID Collection.
  • Output to any device.


Version Download Platform
2.5 Download - (info) Windows